Repairing and Servicing

Repairing and Servicing of jewellery

Book My Jewellery belives in offering best in market servicing facility as we understand that there are many sellers of Diamond jewellery in market but there is not a single open repairing and servicing center in market for you Diamond jewellery. This faclity that Book My Jewellery is offering is not only for our products and customers but it is available for anyone who wants to repair or service their jewellery. 

repairing and servicinf facility offered by Book My Jewellery.

  1. Re-polishing and Replating of Jewellery
  2. Re-Setting the diamond or colour stone
  3. Cleaning and Degreasing of jewellery
  4. Soldering and fixing the broken jeweller
  5. Changing and fixing the screw post of jewellery


1. Re-polishing and Re-plating of jewellery:-

Book My Jewellery offers this most in demand facility of Re-polishing and Re-plating of the jewellery. In this facility we clean the jewellery completely followed by further high mirror polish on the surface of the jewellery. This will be followed by Rhodium plating of the product.

2. Re-setting the diamond or colour stone:-

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